We organize events in the field of biology, biotechnology and biomedicine
We develop a program for scientific, educational and # nbsp; infrastructure projects
We invite speakers from the world of science and business to your events
Working on scientific events since 2013
We organized and prepared the content for more than 10 conferences and forums. As part of our business and scientific programs, leading Russian and foreign speakers spoke.
We attract relevant audience
Thousands of professionals and enthusiasts in the field of biology and biotechnology have signed up to our sites on social networks. This allows you to attract the right audience to events in the field of biotech.
Winter Retreats
Future Biotech winter schools are devoted to biology and medicine and have been held since 2013. They are among the best events for young scientists in Russia. Our participants form the professional community of young scientists and entrepreneurs in the 21st century Russia.
The BIOTECHMED forum is the main platform for discussing topical issues of the biomedical industry, the dialogue between the state and business, which determines its further development. We are responsible for the program of the event, we select and bring speakers.
Management of biotechnology
Future Biotech participates in the organization and conduct of the master's program "Management of Biotechnology" at the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. Among the areas in which students work — IT, digital, energy, pharmaceuticals, biomedicine, ecology, agricultural technology and much more.
Natural knowledge
"Natural Knowledge" is an online game, in which anyone willing to check their knowledge of the natural sciences can take part for free. The project was created by Bayer and Future Biotech.
BiotechClub is an annual scientific conference in the field of life sciences, which brings together leading scientists and young professionals, representatives of business and the health system. Future Biotech is involved in the development of the program: we invite and bring speakers.
Future Biotech LIVE
With the help of online video broadcasts, we open the opportunity for the widest possible audience to join lectures, seminars, hackathons and discuss news from the world of biology, high-tech entrepreneurship and medicine. Our mission is to help science go beyond the classrooms and auditoriums.
Биомолекула — это научно-популярный сайт, посвящённый молекулярным основам современной биологии и практическим применениям научных достижений в медицине и биотехнологии.
TheKey is a network of smart work spaces. Ready-made offices, coworkings, conference rooms, and lecture halls prepared for your events. All TheKey sites reside in easily accessible locations set up in halls of old factories and mansions in Moscow city center and nearby.

TheKey’s venues regularly host Future Biotech events.
Denis Kurek
PhD in chemistry, holding 8 years of experience in scientific and administrative work in Research Center of Biotechnology RAS
Mariya Konovalova
Project manager
PhD in biology, holding 7 years of scientific experience in Research Center of Biotechnology RAS and IBCh RAS
Pavel Parshin
Project manager, analyst
Alexander Zlobin
Visual communications manager
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